A good shoe can make an outfit. Thankfully, with the expanding choice of women’s wide shoes, you can still look fabulous even if your feet are very wide or swollen.

We’ve all squeezed our feet into ill-fitting shoes for the sake of style at some point in our lives. But is the pain really worth it? Especially when there are wide fitting shoes that are just as stylish as standard ones.

With a choice of playful patterns and cheerful colours, fabric shoes are an easy way of adding some interest to your outfit. They are also a useful style if your feet are sensitive or painful as they tend to be soft and lightweight.Women's wide shoes Have fun with fabric shoes

Boat shoes and ballet pumps are two wardrobe staples that are now available in a wider fit. Boat shoes are ideal for the spring and summer months while ballet pumps are a fashionable, year-round option and look good with anything; from formal wear to a pair of your favourite jeans.

Ellie Ellie – a fashionable ballet pump that goes with anything