Same roomy fit, different terminology

To ensure that we are consistent with UK shoe size charts (which didn’t exist when Cosyfeet started), we now refer to our women’s fitting as 6E and our men’s fitting as 3H.

To see how our footwear compares to other fittings please see the table below:

It is also worth noting that due to the adjustability of a large number of Cosyfeet styles, many feet both below and above the 6E or 3H measurement can wear them securely. This is useful as feet can vary in how much they swell and it is sometimes necessary to have footwear which can be tightened or loosened during wear.

If your patients or customers have especially swollen feet, they can buy additional strap extensions for most of our touch-fastening styles. This will allow them to lengthen the straps on their Cosyfeet footwear by as much as the equivalent of at least a 9E or 6H fitting. In extreme circumstances, some patients and customers have used two sets of strap extensions which allows for even greater girth.