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NatraCure™ Heat Therapy Mittens FAQ’s

Will heat really help my chronic hand pain?

Yes. The heat offered by NatraCure™ Heat Therapy Mittens has been tested and proven effective in relieving arthritis pain, muscle strains and in increasing range of motion and blood circulation.

I have some health issues and diabetes. Can I still use this product?

We recommend that you consult with your doctor prior to using these products if you have diabetes, any decreased skin sensitivity, nerve damage, circulatory problems, damaged or broken skin or any other medical condition.

How long should I wear the mittens for a treatment?

The recommended usage time for the product to achieve key results is from 5 – 10 minutes. However, you can wear them longer if you wish.

How often can I use the mittens?

It is recommended that you do not exceed heating the product more than 4 times in a 60 minute period. Otherwise, you can use your NatraCure™ Heat Therapy Mittens as often as you like.

How many uses will I get from NatraCure™ Heat Therapy Mittens?

You can use them up to 50 times each. You should replace them after 50 uses as the gel lining will have exhausted its moisturising properties.

How soon will I feel the benefits?

You will begin to feel the benefits of the heat therapy immediately and will have enjoyed a moisturising treatment in as little as 5 minutes.

Can I heat the Gel Pack(s) alone?

No. The products were designed to be heated as a unit (Gel Packs inserted into the mittens) in the microwave. The Gel Packs should never be heated by themselves.

What do I use to heat the product(s)?

The products are designed to be heated in an 800 WATT microwave (1400 WATT Maximum).

Can they be machine washed?

No. The outside of the mittens can be wiped down with a damp cloth. The inner gel linings can be hand-washed with luke-warm water and air dried. Once the lining is completely dry, sprinkle the gel surface with a small amount of talcum powder to maintain/restore its smooth feel.

The Gel Packs can be hand-washed if needed. The Gel Packs and the mittens must be completely dried before use.

I’ve heard that heating appliances made from flax seed or rice can become contaminated with bacteria. Can this happen to your gel packs?

Absolutely not. The gel is bacteria and microbe free. And the packs are sealed to prevent any contamination.

How should I store my NatraCure™ Heat Therapy Mittens?

Store them in a cool dry place.

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