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Ultralieve Pro® FAQ's

What is Ultralieve+™?

Ultralieve+™ is an easy-to-use, drug-free therapeutic ultrasound device. Ultrasound is used and respected by medical professionals in the treatment of soft tissue aches, strains and pains.

What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a very high frequency massage that penetrates deep below the surface of the skin to target pain.

How does Ultralieve+™ work?

Ultralieve+™ generates high frequency sound vibrations that stimulates the skin’s tissue cells. Stimulating the cells can cause the cell walls to become more permeable, allowing the movement of proteins from the blood into the cell. Proteins are the essential building blocks to help tissue cells repair themselves. In the example of a ligament tear, the application of ultrasound can help speed up production of collagen, a protein found in soft tissue.

Ultimately, Ultralieve+™ helps speed up the healing process by aiding in the transport of essential ions and nutrients to the cell in order to repair the body and relieve pain at the source.

How do I use Ultralieve+™?

  • 1. Apply the conductive ultrasound gel provided to the treatment area
  • 2. Select the time and intensity according to the therapy application table included
  • 3. Move the Ultralieve+™ in a circular motion over the skin’s surface
  • 4. Use as directed until symptoms are relieved

Is it safe to use as I have no medical training or experience?

Ultrasound has been used by physiotherapists and doctors since the 1940's. There are no drugs or medications involved and the device only uses sound waves to promote healing.

How long do I have to use it for?

Ultralieve+™ has 3 intensity levels so that you can tailor the treatment to your needs. The correct intensity level is determined by the depth of your injury and how long you’ve been experiencing pain. A therapy application table is provided to show exactly the time and intensity level you should use with Ultralieve+™. Depending on your pain, daily use of Ultralieve+™ for as little as 2 minutes may be all you need to get back to your best.

Is it portable and easy to use?

Ultralieve+™ has been specifically designed to be hand held. It is lightweight and mains powered so there’s no need to buy expensive replacement batteries. Use it at home, the office or at the gym.

Ultralieve+™ should NOT be...

  • Used for the treatment of malignancy (application over a tumour)
  • Used on the skin over metal implants, including pacemakers or other electronic implants
  • Used on an infected or bleeding area
  • Used on the skin over vascular abnormalities (such as haemangioma, capillary, lymphatic, arterial or arterio-venous malformations)
  • Used directly on the abdomen of pregnant women
  • Applied directly over active epiphysis regions (growth plates) or over the eyes, skull or testes
  • Used over open wounds
  • Used by individuals who do not comprehend the instructions for application

Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.

Ultralieve+™ Video

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