A range of products designed to help relieve the discomfort of heel pain.

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Heel pain

When suffering from heel pain, your existing shoes can begin to cause discomfort. However, at Cosyfeet, our range of removable insoles can help to support the arch, aiding you to get back on your feet. Whether you’ve developed painful Achilles tendonitis or are experiencing discomfort in your heel bone, we have a range of products created to relieve the discomfort of heel pain.

When you begin to experience heel pain, it isn’t always necessary to invest in a new pair of shoes and, in fact, some handy additions can make the pain more bearable. Socks with gel inserts are especially useful when trying to combat pain from plantar fasciitis, whereas shock absorbing heel pads are great at relieving pressure.

When your heel begins to hurt, your favourite pair of shoes can begin to cause you discomfort. From heel spurs to discomfort caused by injury, the pain can sometimes leave you immobile, but we have a range of products that can help. However, as it can often be hard to pinpoint the cause of your heel pain, seeking medical advice if the problem persists is essential.

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