Fallen Arches

A collection of products designed to help with fallen arches.

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Fallen arches

Although everyone has a different arch to their foot, sometimes particularly low arches can have a negative impact, causing pain and discomfort when walking. At Cosyfeet, we offer a range of orthotics and insoles to help reinforce your natural arch, helping people with flat feet wear normal, fitted footwear. From full-length breathable insoles to add an extra layer of cushioning to the sole and orthotics to support over-pronation to combination insoles, we have a variety of solutions to add to your shoes for fallen arches.

Insoles for fallen arches

If you’re looking for support for flat feet, a pair of our insoles can make a world of difference. Added to your favourite pair of shoes, they help minimise the amount of foot problems that you may be experiencing. These removable insoles can be placed in several types of shoes in order to offer arch support. Plus, if you’ve got particularly wide feet, perhaps as a side effect of swelling, our shock absorbing orthotics will provide the perfect fit.

As everybody’s arch is different, selecting a product to add to your shoes to help is the best resolution to your problem. However, if you’ve been experiencing foot pain for extended periods of time, it is recommended that you contact your doctor for further advice.

Find out more about fallen arches.

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