What’s the difference between Jodie and Karen?

These styles look very similar and the main difference between them is the sole unit. Jodie was originally introduced into the range in 2006 and featured the very lightweight EVA sole unit. The advantage of this sole was the weight and the fact that the sole could easily be modified by a shoe repairer for those requiring adaptations. The drawback of EVA is that it isn’t particularly hard wearing so in 2015 we updated the style to feature a lightweight PU sole that could be modified. As a result the Jodie and Karen are very similar in appearance and function. For someone who requires adaptations to their footwear we would recommend Jodie. The images below show the styles for comparison.


Karen Sole
Karen - Sole Profile

Jodie Sole
Jodie - Sole Profile

Karen Side
Karen - Side Profile

Jodie Side
Jodie - Side Profile

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