Sport Active™ 

Introducing our Sport Active™ range featuring Viva and Vamos

Sport Active™ - Viva and VamosSport Active™ - Viva and Vamos

Performance footwear for those with a more active lifestyle, with the support, comfort and fit of a Cosyfeet shoe.

Partnership with the University of Exeter

We have been working alongside the University of Exeter with the aim of developing a sports shoe designed specifically with the older foot and body in mind, while still retaining the roominess and comfort that Cosyfeet shoes are known for.

During sports activity, it is important to wear appropriate footwear to avoid injury; this is increasingly important the older we get. By conducting research on older people engaging in sports activities at the University of Exeter’s unique laboratory facility, we were able to establish the differences in how older adults move their feet and lower bodies during sport activities when compared with younger adults.

The result of our extensive studies is a true performance sports trainer offering all the necessary stability and cushioning to enhance an active lifestyle and minimise the risk of injury, without compromising on the special footwear characteristics required for extra-wide or vulnerable feet.

Sport Active™ - Viva and Vamos Sport Active™ - Viva and Vamos



Upper Benefits

1. The breathable mesh is flexible & supportive

2. Breathable, seamless lining throughout

3. Quality leathers provide stability & comfort

4. Heel designed to give excellent support




Footbed Benefits

5. Footbed is 100% breathable & moisture-wicking

6. Contains carbon to absorb moisture & bacteria, preventing odours

7. High-density shock-absorbing foam minimises impact on joints

8. Footbed retains original shape & cushioning over a long period of time




Double Density Sole

9. Lightweight PU midsole provides underfoot cushioning

10. TPU outsole features enhanced grip & durability for key pressure areas

11. Double density sole designed to give essential lateral support without compromising on flexibility



The Cosyfeet touch

Cosyfeet have been designing and manufacturing footwear for the older wearer since 1983, providing much wider, deeper and roomier styles than the wide-fitting footwear available on the high street. We wanted to apply our expertise into creating a sports shoe that provides foot protection, enough stability to prevent injuries, and a sole with just the right amount of grip. Combined with our use of high-quality materials, and advanced shoemaking techniques from expert craftspeople, the Sport Active™ range from Cosyfeet can encourage a healthier and more active lifestyle, for longer.

Sport Active™ with Double Density SoleSport Active™ with Double Density Sole
Sport Active™ -  Viva and VamosSport Active™ -  Viva and Vamos

Dr Sharon Dixon

Associate Professor in Biomechanics, University of Exeter

“This exciting partnership between University of Exeter and Cosyfeet has allowed knowledge gained from laboratory testing to be combined with industry expertise regarding footwear design, to develop a bespoke shoe for active older adults.”

Jo Trevena

Head of Product & Merchandising, Cosyfeet

“We are thrilled with the outcome of Cosyfeet and the University of Exeter’s combined efforts. The result is a high-quality performance shoe, which is roomy, comfortable and designed to last.”