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Internet Retailing Terms and Conditions for Cosyfeet Stockists

Internet Retailing Terms and Conditions for Cosyfeet Stockists

These are the terms and conditions by which any Cosyfeet stockist must agree if they are to advertise and/or sell Cosyfeet branded merchandise on the internet. Cosyfeet reserves the right to close the account of and/or refuse to supply any stockist found to be in breach of these conditions.

Cosyfeet also reserves the right to ask the retailer to immediately change their website at any time if the retailer fails to comply with the following conditions. Cosyfeet will not be liable for any damages and/or costs incurred by the retailer in that event.

Key Conditions

  • 1. The stockist must have a bricks and mortar operation and this must be their primary route to market. In addition the stockist must have held a wholesale account with Cosyfeet for a minimum of 6 months in order for them to demonstrate their retail capability.
  • 2. The stockist must have other brands and products advertised/on sale on their website.
  • 3. The stockist must not sell Cosyfeet products or products purchased through Cosyfeet on Ebay, Amazon or other Market Places.
  • 4. The stockist must only advertise goods that they currently hold stock of unless they have a specific agreement with Cosyfeet to do otherwise.
  • 5. The stockist must not have the name Cosyfeet or term extra roomy footwear in its URL.
  • 6. The stockist is not permitted to bid on the search term Cosyfeet or extra roomy footwear (both of which are intellectual property belonging to Foot Shop Ltd).
  • 7. The stockist must submit the Cosyfeet section of its website for approval before going live and will be subject to regular review and monitoring by Cosyfeet to ensure Cosyfeet brand values are adhered to.
  • 8. The stockist must comply with all aspects of the Consumer Contracts Regulations (2014) relating to distance selling.
  • 9. This agreement must not be transferred by the retailer to someone else without express permission of Cosyfeet.

Brand Rules

  • Stockists must use images supplied by Cosyfeet or submit their own images for approval.
  • All products must be displayed with the Cosyfeet logo alongside them.
  • Stockists may use the product descriptions printed in the Cosyfeet catalogue or on the Cosyfeet website to describe Cosyfeet products. The only exception to this is the term “Why you’ll love…” which stockists are not permitted to use in relation to Cosyfeet products.

If you are not currently trading online, but would like to, please call or email us.

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