Elastane special featuresElastane special features

Renowned for its exceptional elasticity

Elastane is found in lots of areas of the clothing industry and you’ve probably heard it referred to as LYCRA®, which is simply a brand name. It’s ideal for use in footwear as it gently conforms to the contours of the foot, giving you a ‘made-to-measure’ feel. It’s very useful if feet tend to swell during the day as it means you can have all-day comfort without the need to adjust your footwear. Elastane also retains its shape and doesn’t become overstretched or loose.

Extra wide elastane footwear for men and womenExtra wide elastane footwear for men and women

Elastane Special Features

Elastane gently stretches to fit around swelling and bunions with ease, so it won’t put pressure on painful, problem toes. It’s also an ideal fabric if your feet tend to swell and change shape during the day, so you’re guaranteed to experience all-day comfort without having to adjust your footwear. All of our elastane styles have been coated with a fabric protector which makes them both stain and water-resistant.

Elastane materialElastane material

Styles for Men & Women

Our selection of elastane styles for men and women have a huge variety, so you can be sure we have something to guarantee your comfort.

Choose from styles which have a full elastane upper, such as our Patty and Patrick boots, which have been designed for those with more challenging foot conditions. The soft, stretchy elastane enables them to wrap around the foot, comfortably conforming to the foot shape for a tailored fit.

If you require stretch around the front of the foot, then our bestselling styles Karena and Ken are perfect! Featuring an elastane section at the front, they cosset delicate, problem toes and swelling in blissful extra wide comfort. Complete with a leather section at the back, they’re also incredibly supportive. These styles have a touch-fastening strap for an adjustable fit, but we also have lace-up versions available in Sienna and Gregory.


Joanna Trevena

Head of Product & Merchandising

“Elastane has been an essential problem solver with our customers for many years now. With optimum flexibility and a gentle stretch, our collection of elastane styles has been proven to accommodate a number of foot problems.”

Nick Brown

Designer & Range Builder

“A remarkable fabric, elastane is wonderful for accommodating a range of swelling and other foot problems, so we use it in a number of footwear styles. As it’s treated with a fabric protector, it’s stain and water-resistant so it’s incredibly versatile.”