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Keep cool and comfy with our stylish wide fit sandals. Extra wide, extra deep and extra roomy with 6E width fitting for very wide, swollen or bandaged feet.

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Extra Roomy Women’s Wide Fit Sandals

Keep your feet both cool and comfortable during the summer with a pair of our women’s wide fit sandals. Available in a range of colours and styles, each pair is extra roomy, giving you a spacious shoe that keeps your foot both supported and stable!

Here at Cosyfeet, our wide fit sandals are perfect for swollen feet. Their extra wide, extra deep design creates a 6E width fitting which allows the addition of orthotics and other insoles for foot conditions such as fallen arches or overpronation. Our wide fit sandals have been designed to provide you more space than traditional sandals bought on the high street, which means your feet will be comfortable even with conditions such as bunions and oedema.

Despite having extra depth, each of the wide fitting sandals that we offer come in attractive styles and colourful prints so they make a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. Some of our wide fitting sandals have a closed-toe design which is ideal if you wish to keep your toes concealed or protected. Plus, with secure touch-fastening straps, they adjust to fit swelling, ensuring you stay comfy throughout the day.