Stay warm and comfy with our stylish extra wide fitting boots. Extra deep and extra roomy with 6E width fitting for very wide, swollen or bandaged feet and ankles.

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  1. Mika
    As low as $175.00
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  2. Mika Elastane
    Mika Elastane
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  3. Julia
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  4. Moose
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  5. Luana
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  6. Martha
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  7. Patty
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  8. Moose High‑Performance
    Moose High‑Performance
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  9. Megan
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Women's Extra Wide Boots

Our collection of women’s extra wide boots are designed to provide you with the comfort and style you deserve. We understand that finding premium boots that fit extra wide feet can be a challenge, however our collection of extra wide boots are made from high-quality materials, such as leather and elastane, so they stretch and adapt to your foot shape, providing you with a comfortable and secure fit. Our extra wide boots come in a variety of styles, colours and materials, so you can find the perfect pair to match your personal look. Our boots are not only stylish but also practical, and are ideal for keeping feet warm and protected during the colder months. The extra width also ensures that sensitive toes have plenty of room.