Extra RoomyExtra Roomy


Wider, deeper and roomier than anything on the high street, Cosyfeet men’s wide fitting shoes are specially designed to fit very wide or swollen feet. Some styles are also suitable for bandaging, bunions, problem toes and orthotics. All our men’s styles are a 3H width fitting.

Reggie – Soft, smart & supportive

With generous cushioning underfoot, these fantastically soft slippers adjust to fit swelling, while the front is seam-free and roomy for problem toes.

Rudolph – Keep the coldest feet warm

With a faux fur lining, these slippers are perfect if you suffer from cold feet. A removable insole provides extra depth when needed.

Benny SheepskinBenny Sheepskin
Benny Sheepskin – Indulge your feet with Purewool™

An easy-on pure wool slipper that pampers your feet in the natural warm softness of genuine sheepskin.