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A range of footwear that won’t put pressure on bunions as well as foot comfort products that can help relieve pain and discomfort.

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  2. Patty
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  3. Laura
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  4. Koryl
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  12. Bjorn Sheepskin
    Bjorn Sheepskin
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  14. Hop
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  17. James
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  18. Simcan Comfort Socks
    Simcan Comfort Socks
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  19. Jim
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  20. Merry
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Bunions are a painful condition which are caused by a malpositioned big toe joint, making it difficult to find shoes to accommodate your feet. Although there are several causes, bunions can be the result of arthritis, where the base of the big toe becomes inflamed and deformed. However, they can also be a symptom of shoes that do not fit properly.

After developing bunions, you may notice that the shape of your foot has altered, meaning that traditional styles of shoe that you can purchase on the high street no longer give you the space required in order to be comfortable. These fitted shoes can be painful for those who suffer from bunions, so you should choose shoes that have plenty of room instead.

Wide fitting shoes for bunions

At Cosyfeet, we specialise in extra roomy footwear that won’t put pressure on bunions as well as foot comfort products that can help relieve pain and discomfort. Not only do they have a deep toe box, but our shoes for bunions are stylish and attractive, meaning that you’ll discover the perfect pair for you! These wider fitting shoes come in wonderful styles made from materials such as soft leather and stretchy Elastane. Plus, with adjustable touch-fastening straps and a sturdy yet flexible lightweight sole, you’ll have the support and stability you need.

Find out more about bunions.