Ultra-comfy hosiery for every shape and size

We’re on a mission to bring you the most comfortable hosiery you’ll ever wear! Made exclusively for Cosyfeet, our hosiery is designed to fit you perfectly whatever your shape or size. And if it doesn’t, just return it at any time and we’ll give you your money back.

This guide is designed to help you understand the difference between the types of hosiery we sell and help you choose the most suitable products to meet your needs. Please click here to view our hosiery range.

 Our Hosiery Range includes:

  • Everyday – Offers a generous fit for the fuller figure: also ideal for swollen legs.
  • Softhold® Premium – Offers superior comfort and style.
  • Softhold® Light Support – Helps to improve circulation and reduce leg fatigue.
  • Softhold® Warm Ribbed – Stylish hosiery to keep you warm.
  • Opaque – Offers comfort, security and warmth 
  • Ultra-roomy – Designed to fit very large, swollen or bandaged feet and legs

Finding the product that’s right for you:

I’ve got swollen legs:

Our Everyday StockingsEveryday Knee Highs and Everyday Tights are specifically designed for people with larger or swollen legs. They’re made with more material in the foot and leg parts to provide a generous and comfy fit. We also offer an extra roomy fitting in all of our other hosiery products. We also have Ultra-roomy Knee Highs, which are the roomiest knee highs in our range.

I’m under (5’3”) 160 cm:

I want hosiery that won’t dig in:

Our Softhold® range of hold-ups, knee highs and ankle highs has a special top designed to keep hosiery in place gently yet securely. It won’t restrict circulation or leave unsightly marks.

I’m looking for tights to fit a fuller figure:

We offer tights in a hip size up to 90” (229cm). We also offer an extra roomy fitting in all our tights.

It’s difficult to find tights that fit because of my hip size:

Our Everyday Extra Roomy Tights go up to an Extra, Extra, Extra Large which will fit up to 90” (229cm) hips.

I’m looking for light support:

Our softhold® light support hosiery features LEG CARE technology by LYCRA® which gives legs a gentle, graduated massage action that’s clinically proven to improve circulation and reduce leg fatigue.

Hosiery FAQ's

Can I order one pair of socks or hosiery or buy mixed colour packs?

No, we are no different from other retailers and are only able to offer the selections and pack sizes listed.

Does your hosiery contain any latex?

No, none of the products contained within the hosiery section of the website contain latex.

I'm a diabetic; do you sell any seam-free hosiery?

We do sell seam-free foot socks but due to manufacturing constraints it is not possible to produce seam-free tights, stockings or knee-highs. Our hosiery does however only have minimal seams. If you are a diabetic or have sensitive feet we recommend that you make your own judgement about suitability or ask a medical advisor.

I currently wear compression hosiery given to me by my doctor; can I wear your Light Support hosiery instead?

Medical compression hosiery offers a much greater level of compression/support than our Light Support hosiery and should not be worn as an alternative. If however you are not able to wear your prescribed hosiery, wearing Light Support hosiery would be better than wearing nothing at all.