Our diabetic-friendly products are designed for sensitive and vulnerable feet. However, not all our products may be suitable for your needs so please make your own judgement or check with a medical advisor if you are unsure. Before wearing any item, we recommend that you run your fingers inside to check for anything that may harm.

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Diabetes is a condition which affects the glucose levels in your blood. However, this can also have an impact on your circulation, leading to foot and ankle issues, such as swelling. Unfortunately, swelling can cause your favourite pair of high street shoes to no longer fit correctly. Thankfully, at Cosyfeet, we have a range of wide fitting, comfortable shoes to fit and flatter swollen, sensitive feet.

Slippers for people with diabetes

Our extra roomy wool slippers for men and women are virtually seam-free so they are ideal if you have diabetes alongside swollen feet. They gently mould to the shape of your foot for an incredibly comfy fit. The wool is soft but durable and minimises odour, regulates temperature and wicks away moisture to keep feet fresh.

Our diabetic-friendly products are suitable for sensitive and more vulnerable feet. However, before wearing any item, we recommend that you run your fingers inside to check for anything that may harm. It is important that any shoes for people with diabetes are fitted correctly as this could cause slipping if too big or rubbing if too tight. That's why we recommend that if you are unsure if an item is suitable, especially if you suffer from limited feeling in your feet, that you ask your medical advisor to check.

Find out more about diabetes.