A variety of products that you may find helpful if you have gout.

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Shoes for gout

Finding the correct shoes if you have gout can be extremely difficult, especially if you have swelling and joint deformity as a result. Caused by excess uric acid, the big toe joint can suffer from intense pain when experiencing a particularly bad gout attack. When the affected joint goes through a gout flare, you may find it hard to wear shoes purchased on the high street due to their lack of width or depth. However, at Cosyfeet, we have developed a variety of different wider fit shoes which are perfect for those looking for some extra space in their footwear.

Our range of gout shoes have the necessary support for your feet and ankles, whilst providing you with the extra room and comfort that you need. If you have ever suffered from gout, you may have found that wearing tight fitting footwear choices puts pressure on your inflamed joint, so our extra roomy sandals, slippers and boots will allow your foot pain to subside without stopping you from being mobile.

Although our range of shoes will help reduce the side effects of gout, it is recommended that you speak to a medical professional if you believe that you may have the condition.

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