Purewool™ special featuresPurewool™ special features

Footwear that gently moulds to your feet for an ultra-comfy fit

Wool is a wonderful fibre with some amazing benefits and is an excellent alternative to leather as sheep produce a fleece each year, making it a sustainable, renewable resource. Naturally warm, soft and stretchy, it gently moulds to your feet for an ultra-comfy fit. It’s breathable, odour-resistant and wicks away moisture so your feet stay healthy, fresh and dry. With natural climate control you can wear it all year round, it’s also great for sensitive skin as it’s hypoallergenic.

Purewool™ Special Features

1. Wool uppers and lining are soft and hypoallergenic, so ideal for sensitive skin

2. Natural climate control keeps feet warm in winter and cool in summer

3. Very durable and hard-wearing, but gently conforms to your foot shape

4. Breathable, moisture-wicking and odour-resistant to keep feet fresh

5. Wool is naturally resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew

6. Cushioned 'airflow' footbed can be removed to fit an orthotic or for extra room

7. Flexible rubber sole is suitable for indoor and outdoor wear


*This ‘Purewool™ Special Features’ diagram represents the following styles: Anna, Benny, Benny Sheepskin, Bjorn, Bjorn Sheepskin, Donna, Donna Sheepskin, and Frieda.

Purewool™ special features diagramPurewool™ special features diagram

Styles for Men & Women

Purewool™ rangePurewool™ range

Our Purewool™ collection includes Bjorn and Benny slippers for men, as well as Donna and Frieda for women. Featuring on-trend, Scandi-inspired styling, all of our extra wide Purewool™ footwear has been specially designed for swollen or extra wide feet. With a seam-free toe area, they are diabetic-friendly and therefore ideal for sensitive feet. Thanks to the ‘hidden depth’ design, they are also much deeper and roomier than they look, they also have cushioned footbeds which can be removed to fit an orthotic. The flexible rubber soles can be worn both indoors and outside, so they’re perfect for nipping out to the garden. Most of these styles can be washed on a 30°C on a delicate wool setting, so they’re also incredibly long-lasting too (please note, the footbeds are not washable, please remove before washing).

Sheepskin Collection

Sheepskin CollectionSheepskin Collection

For extra warmth, we’ve added a sheepskin lining to a number of our Purewool™ styles, providing added comfort and softness for those that need it the most. The range includes Anna, Donna Sheepskin, Bjorn Sheepskin and Benny Sheepskin. As the collection is part of our Purewool™ range, each of these styles are still breathable, odour-resistant and can wick away moisture.

*Styles that feature a sheepskin lining are not washable, please refer to the individual product page for the full care guide.

Mooch and Mosey

Mooch and MoseyMooch and Mosey

For cosy Purewool™ comfort on the go, we have Mosey and Mooch styles for women. These feature TPU pads on a leather sole, so they’re a little more hard-wearing for outdoor use. With a mule or a shoe design to choose from, they’re the ideal house shoes for everyday comfort - pop them on in the morning and you’ll forget you’re wearing them by the afternoon!

Joanna Trevena
Head of Product & Merchandising

“Our Purewool™ styles are some of my favourites! With such a wide variety to choose from, there’s something for everyone in this collection. I love the simplicity of the designs as well as the sumptuous comfort the wool uppers provide.”

Nick Brown
Designer & Range Builder

“I’m always happy to think up new design ideas for our Purewool™ collection – wool is so versatile and a proven sustainable fabric as it’s been used in the clothing industry for centuries. Thanks to the natural benefits of wool, there’s so much we can do with it.”