Women’s Sandals Buying Guide

This buying guide has been designed to help you choose the style of sandal that’s right for you. Please click here to view our Women's Sandal range.

Cosyfeet sandals are designed for feet that can't fit into ordinary footwear. They are extra wide and extra deep so they’re very roomy.

All our women’s styles are made with an extra wide fitting of approximately 6E. But don’t worry if you don’t know your width size as many of our styles are adjustable. This means they’re flexible enough to fit feet that swell up during the day or if one foot is more swollen than the other.

Unlike many other brands of wide fitting footwear, Cosyfeet sandals also benefit from extra depth which means they’re particularly good at fitting problem toes and bunions or feet that are very swollen.

To put it simply, all of our sandals have been designed to be roomy enough to comfortably fit a whole variety of foot problems and conditions. Some styles are more suitable for specific conditions than others - please see suitability for foot condition below or ring our customer advice line on 1 833 852 1466.

We understand that new customers are sometimes concerned about getting the perfect fit using mail order. However, most customers find that if they order their normal shoe size (that’s the size they would have ordered before they experienced problems with their feet), a Cosyfeet shoe will provide the extra room and comfort they’re looking for.

If you normally take a half size and we don’t offer a half size in the style you want, we would suggest that you order the smaller full size.

The majority of our sandals are adjustable so whichever style you decide to buy, it’s likely you’ll be much more comfortable than with a standard sandal.

Our sandals are made using a number of different lasts which vary in profile and as a result, some styles will be more suitable for some foot shapes than others so if you try a style and it isn’t quite right don’t give up and contact us for advice.

If you find your swelling gets worse during the day, it might be worth choosing a style that has easily adjustable touch-fastening straps.

Of course there is no absolute guarantee but about 80% of our footwear customers find success first time - and if you count those customers who send goods back to swap for another style or size, that rises to 90%. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your choice, you can exchange for another size or style - or we’ll give you an immediate refund. It’s as simple as that.

Lace-up Touch-fastening

Give the most secure fit with plenty of support and adjustment.

Offer the most scope for adjustment and are ideal if tying laces is a problem.

Strap Extensions are available if your feet are exceptionally swollen. They lengthen the strap giving you more fitting flexibility.

Leather Fabric

The most hardwearing and traditional material.

Soft and accommodating for the most sensitive of feet.

Flexible polyurethane Extra-lightweight soles Flexible Rubber soles

These soles are flexible, hardwearing and shock-absorbing.

These soles are made from very lightweight, durable PU which is also flexible, shock-absorbing and offers good grip.

Look out for the Extra-lightweight soles symbol.

Very flexible. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Look out for the Flexible Rubber soles symbol.

Adaptations Shaped Insoles and Orthotics

If you need your sandals to be adapted (i.e. built up), we advise you choose sandals with the extra-lightweight soles as they can be easily modified. These include:

If you need to wear shaped insoles or orthotics we advise that you look for styles that are especially deep or have removable insoles.

All of our footwear has been designed to be wide, deep and roomy enough to comfortably fit even the most challenging of conditions. However, there are some styles that are more suitable for specific conditions than others:

Arthritis Bunions Swollen feet and Ankles

If you have arthritis, you may find that lace up styles are preferable because they offer the best support.

However, if your movement is impaired we'd recommend a style with a touch-fastening as they're the easiest to put on, take off and adjust.

You might also appreciate some of our extra-lightweight styles.

Look out for the Extra-lightweight soles symbol.

Many people suffer from the pain of bunions which can be made worse by trying to fit into standard footwear.

Our particular favourite for fitting bunions is Hop as it’s made from super-stretchy Elastane.

We would also recommend sandals without seams on the side panels.

All Cosyfeet footwear is 'extra roomy' and has been designed to fit swollen feet so whichever style you decide to buy, you'll be much more comfortable than with a standard sandal.

If swelling gets worse during the day, choose a style that has easily adjustable straps.

Don’t forget our range of extra roomy socks and extra roomy hosiery which has been specially developed to give a more generous and comfortable fit.

Following these simple steps will help you to prolong the life of your sandals. Additional information specific to each product can be found in the Care Guide area of the product pages.

Leather Nubuck Patent Leather

Brush away any dirt or debris with soft cloths or a gentle brush.

Try rubbing scuffs out with a damp cloth and a small amount of saddle soap. Polish shoes as needed with the appropriate colour polish ensuring that you remove any laces first.

Collonil ‘Waterstop Colours’ Shoe Cream has a water-repellent effect to resist rain and stains and a sponge applicator so it’s easy to apply.

Follow with a leather lotion or leather conditioner as required.

After purchasing a pair of nubuck shoes, we recommend you apply a good quality protector such as Nikwax Spray‑on Waterproofing to repel water and stains.

You'll need to reapply it periodically. If they get wet, stuff them with newspaper while they dry to keep their shape. Always allow them to dry naturally and never put them near direct heat.

Nubuck shoes look their best when brushed. You can buy special Nubuck brushes, such as the Suede and Nubuck Brush and cleaning blocks like the Collonil Nubuck Box. Stains should be treated immediately with a solvent-based nubuck cleaner e.g. Collonil Clean and Care Foam.

If they prove hard to remove, we recommend you take them to a shoe repair professional.

To remove general dirt, wipe the shoe with a soft, damp cloth. Don't use too much water, the cloth should be damp enough to catch dust but not wet enough to drench the shoes.

Baby wipes can be used on patent leather shoes for quick dirt removal. Buff the dirt away with the baby wipe. For maximum shine quickly buff the shoes afterwards with a soft cloth.

There are lots of household items that will clean and moisturise patent leather just as well as shop-bought brands. Petroleum jelly or any mineral oil product works well. Make sure you use a soft cloth when cleaning or shining patent leather as rough fabrics can scratch the surface and dull the overall shine. Use a small amount of mineral oil or petroleum jelly on the cloth and wipe the shoes, making sure you cover the leather evenly. Let the oil sit for at least 30 minutes to soak into the leather.