Relieve the discomfort of hammer toes with these carefully chosen products.

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Hammer toes

When suffering from hammer toe, fitting into your favourite shoes can become impossible. With the joints in your toes behaving improperly, you can find yourself having to uncomfortably squeeze into ill-fitting shoes as a result of this foot condition. However, at Cosyfeet, we have designed wide fitting shoes with extra depth in the toe area especially for those suffering from ailments such as this.

Shoes for hammer toes

Whether your big toe is affected, or it is causing pain in other joints, wearing shoes which don’t provide enough space for hammer toes can be detrimental and cause more pain. Wearing Cosyfeet shoes with extra space in the toe area, can help to reduce the side effects. All of the designs have a wide and deep toe box which takes the pressure off sensitive toes and will help you to ease some of the pain you may be experiencing. Available in a number of different colours and styles, including waterproof boots, glittery pumps, supportive slippers and comfortable sandals, you’ll find the perfect fit for you.

Aside from the range of wider fit shoes we have on offer, you can also find a variety of different accessories, such as gel toe tubes and toe stretchers. These can make shoes more comfortable, whilst preventing the condition from occurring in other toes.

If you have painful feet, or are looking for treatment for hammer toes, it is important that you seek medical advice for more information.

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