This website has been built to be useable by everyone whatever their ability or disability.

The following practices are adhered to assist with user access:

  • Semantically correct markup.
  • Fully functional user experience across modern browsers.
  • JavaScript features are unobtrusive and the dynamic features degrade well with scripting disabled.
  • Content is accessible via keyboard for users without mouse control. Focus states highlight position of keyboard active links.
  • Using meaningful ALT (alternative) text for images. (Purely decorative graphics include empty alt attributes.)
  • Links should have descriptive hyperlink text and titles warning of link actions.
  • Font size can be changed to your preference through your browser without loss of information.
  • Text colours have adequate contrast for colour blind/challenged users.
  • Avoidance of frames, which are difficult for special browsers to interpret.
  • Labels assigned to form items and forms have accessible design.
  • CSS styles are used and are unobtrusive with no inline styles.
  • Forms follow a logical Tab sequence.