Keep your wide fitting shoes in tip top condition with our range of high-quality shoe care products.

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  1. Clean and Care Foam
    Clean and Care Foam
    Code: CUFM
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  2. Suede and Nubuck Brush
    Suede and Nubuck Brush
    Code: CQNB
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  3. Premium Wax Polish
    Premium Wax Polish
    As low as £4.50
    Code: PQ
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  4. Shoe Care Bundle
    Shoe Care Bundle
    Code: SHOEB
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  5. Waterstop Colours Shoe Cream
    Waterstop Colours Shoe Cream
    As low as £7.50
    Code: KZ
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  6. Nubuck Box
    Nubuck Box
    Code: NUBX
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