Healthy Footwear Guide

Members of the Healthy Footwear Guide

Cosyfeet are members of the Healthy Footwear Guide. This is a collaboration between UK footwear brands and foot health professionals. It aims to highlight the importance of wearing healthy, comfortable footwear. To attain the Healthy Footwear Guide mark, footwear has to meet criteria set out by the organisation.

The Healthy Footwear Guide Criteria:

  • Toe box allows normal foot function
  • Adequate width and depth for foot function
  • Sole encourages normal foot function
  • Soft flexible upper and lining
  • Stable heel of approximately 25mm
  • In shoe climate which promotes a healthy environment within the shoe
  • Shoe provides reasonable cosseting
  • Shoe retains its fitness for purpose
  • Shoe must offer good foot retention
  • Availability of product advice
  • Outsole grip meets industry standards

“Cosyfeet are delighted to be a part of the Healthy Footwear Guide. Lots of thought and care goes into our shoemaking to ensure that our footwear is comfortable and healthy. That’s why  healthcare professionals recommend us to their patients.”
Andrew Peirce, Cosyfeet Managing Director

The majority of Cosyfeet styles have been approved by the Heathy Footwear Guide. On our website you will find the Healthy Footwear Guide logo displayed within the ‘product features’ section of the relevant styles.

Please note: Some slipper styles such as Donna, Dozy and Sleepy have not been approved by the Healthy Footwear Guide. They are good for swollen feet and very comfortable. However, the softness of the slipper material and lack of adjustment mean they do not adequately meet all the criteria.

Click here to find out how we consider the Healthy Footwear Guide criteria during our shoe design process.