Specialist Insoles

Specialist Insoles

A range of insoles designed to give you the ultimate in underfoot comfort. Click here to find out which insole is most suited to your needs.

Specialist insoles

If you’ve been struggling with foot discomfort, the addition of an insole can make a world of difference. Investing in a pair of our support insoles can help ease your heel pain and improve conditions such as underfoot aches, overpronation, plantar fasciitis and fallen arches.

Foot pain as a result of either flat feet or high arches can often be debilitating, however, a pair of our arch support insoles can quickly change this. Designed to provide you with the ultimate in underfoot comfort, our shoe inserts can be added to your footwear to enhance your comfort, as well as help give you an extra level of support.

Not only does Cosyfeet offer you shoe insoles to support the metatarsal and arch of the foot, but we have specially designed Duosoft Plus diabetic-friendly insoles for sensitive feet available too.

For more information about which insoles are correct for your feet, click here.

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