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  1. Extra Roomy Super‑soft Bed Socks
    Extra Roomy Super‑soft Bed Socks
    As low as £20.00
    2 pair pack Code: EB
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  2. Super‑soft Bed Socks
    Super‑soft Bed Socks
    As low as £19.00
    2 pair pack Code: BS
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  3. Restaleg - Extra Roomy
    Restaleg - Extra Roomy
    As low as £105.00
    Code: RE
    Feefo Review
  4. Restaleg
    As low as £89.00
    Code: RA
    Feefo Review
  5. Leg Rest
    Leg Rest
    Code: LREST
    Feefo Review
  6. Pure Lavender Oil
    Pure Lavender Oil
    Code: AMLO
    Feefo Review
  7. Botanical Foot Soak
    Botanical Foot Soak
    Code: AMBS
    Feefo Review
  8. Multi-use Wedges
    Multi-use Wedges
    Pack of 2 Code: MUWWX
    Feefo Review
  9. Bed Cradle - Double
    Bed Cradle - Double
    Code: BCLRX
    Feefo Review
  10. Bed Cradle - Single
    Bed Cradle - Single
    Code: BCSTX
    Feefo Review
  11. Leg Rest Cover
    Leg Rest Cover
    Code: LRCVX
    Feefo Review
  12. Lavender Hand Cream
    Lavender Hand Cream
    Code: AMLC
    Feefo Review
  13. Manuka Skin Cream
    Manuka Skin Cream
    Code: AMMC
    Feefo Review
  14. Lavender Gel
    Lavender Gel
    Code: AMLG
    Feefo Review
  15. Manuka & Mint Foot Balm
    Manuka & Mint Foot Balm
    Code: MMFB
    Feefo Review
  16. Lavender Bundle
    Lavender Bundle
    Code: LVBUN
    Feefo Review
  17. Multi‑use Wedge Covers
    Multi‑use Wedge Covers
    Code: MUWC
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