Compression Socks

Enhance your leg health with compression!

You don’t need a medical condition to benefit from compression socks. Daily wear can help improve your circulation, stop tired, achy or heavy legs, help prevent swelling and reduce the risk of DVT.

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Showing 5 item(s)

Enhance your leg health with compression socks!

If you find that you’re frequently suffering with aches and pains in your legs as a result of poor circulation, a pair of our Cosyfeet compression socks could be the answer!

When worn daily, our Cosyfeet compression socks aim to improve circulation in your legs, ankles and feet. Whether you’re standing on your feet for extended periods of time, looking to improve your athletic performance or simply suffer from swelling as a result of poor circulation, our Cosyfeet compression socks aim to increase blood flow, whilst helping to prevent blood clots from forming.

Our compression socks come in a variety of styles, including knee high and extra roomy, which may help reduce the chances of developing spider and varicose veins. We also offer a travel pair, which are great to slip on for long plane, coach or car journeys. An increased blood circulation can help keep normal day-to-day aches and pains at bay, and our extra roomy compression socks provide relief to swollen feet and ankles!

If you’ve recently undergone surgery, are currently recovering from blood clots or you have diabetes, it is advisable to seek medical advice before wearing compression socks of any type. If you have swelling, check with a health professional that the compression is not too much for you.

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