The CosyTex™ membrane, between the leather and the lining, is at the heart of our waterproof footwear. It is an extremely thin layer of polytetrafluoroethylene, a strong, tough, waxy resin which has millions of tiny pores per square inch. Due to its microporous structure, it has some amazing characteristics:


Wet materials rob your feet of warmth. CosyTex™ footwear is durably waterproof, allowing you to stay dry and enjoy your activity in comfort.

What does it mean?

We believe waterproof products shouldn't leak - and, what is more, that this quality is retained over the entire lifetime of the product. However, our waterproof protection depends on more than just the membrane. All the lining seams and joins are secured with a special waterproof tape for added security and we use high-quality Water Resistant leathers and first-class shoemaking standards.

All our CosyTex™ product prototypes from our manufacturing partners are put though a battery of tests in an independent lab. Only if they meet our strict weatherproof performance standards are they approved for production.

Why is it important?

Wet fabrics conduct heat 3 times faster than dry shoes, robbing your feet of warmth, dryness and comfort.


Our Windproof membrane preserves your microclimate and keeps you comfortable.

What does it mean?

Although textiles like microfibres, closely woven fabrics and many fleece materials are often considered windproof, even light winds can penetrate most of these fabrics, making you feel chilled and uncomfortable. In technical terms, a fabric can only be considered truly windproof if its air permeability is 5 l/m²/s (volume of air that can pass through one square metre of the fabric in one second) or less. CosyTex™ products meet or exceed this standard.

Why is it important?

As cold wind blows through or around your shoes or clothes, it causes convective heat loss, robbing you of the warmth kept in the thin layer of air between you and your footwear. The CosyTex™ membrane prevents this wind-chill from happening by stopping the wind from passing through. The result – you preserve a comfortable microclimate inside your footwear.


CosyTex™ lining and fabrics allow sweat to pass through and help reduce overheating and perspiration build-up.

What does it mean?

“Breathability” is one of the outdoor industry's most misunderstood terms. It is not, as many believe, about a fabric's ability to let air move through it, rather it refers to how well it lets your sweat escape in the form of moisture vapour. Our membrane quality ensures that during heavy exertion our shoes will breathe well enough to allow sweat to evaporate easily.

Why is it important?

When you're active, your skin removes excess heat via perspiration. To avoid uncomfortable sweat build-up, the CosyTex™ membrane allows the evaporating moisture to escape through the fabric. This breathability leads to more comfortable and drier skin, even during high exertion.


CosyTex™ Styles