Our breathable, windproof and 100% waterproof footwear

Specially designed to fit swollen feet and ideal for walking, our 100% waterproof footwear is both comfy and practical. The cleated sole offers good grip underfoot, and it is also shock-absorbing for extra comfort. The water-repellent leathers are combined with our breathable, windproof and 100% waterproof CosyTex™ membrane to ensure your feet stay fresh and warm.

CosyTex™ Special Features

At the heart of our waterproof footwear is our CosyTex™ membrane, which sits between the outer leather and the inner lining. It is an extremely thin layer of polytetrafluoroethylene - a strong, tough, waxy resin with millions of tiny pores per square inch. Due to its microporous structure, it has some amazing characteristics:

Cosytex™ Special FeaturesCosytex™ Special Features

100% Waterproof

Wet materials rob your feet of warmth. CosyTex™ footwear is durably waterproof, allowing your feet to stay dry so you can enjoy outdoor activities in comfort. We believe waterproof products shouldn't leak, and that this quality is retained over the entire lifetime of the product. Therefore, all the lining seams and joins are secured with a special waterproof tape for added security, and we use high-quality water-resistant leathers and first-class shoemaking standards.

Fully Windproof

Although textiles like microfibres and many fleece materials are often considered windproof, even light winds can penetrate most of these fabrics. This results in convective heat loss, which is the reduction of warmth from the layer of air between your feet and your footwear. Our CosyTex™ membrane prevents this to preserve a comfortable microclimate inside your footwear.

Optimised Breathability

“Breathability” refers to how well a material allows your sweat to escape in the form of moisture vapour. Our CosyTex™ membrane ensures that during heavy exertion our footwear breathes well enough to allow sweat to evaporate easily. When you're active, your skin removes excess heat via perspiration. To avoid uncomfortable sweat build-up, the CosyTex™ membrane allows the evaporating moisture to escape through the fabric. This breathability leads to more comfortable and drier skin, even during increased activity.

Cosytex™ CollectionCosytex™ Collection

High-Performance Collection

Designed for more challenging conditions, our CosyTex™ High-Performance versions feature a special ‘self-clearing’ tread that works extremely well for more challenging terrains and weather conditions, including mud, ice and snow.

High-Performance CollectionHigh-Performance Collection

Joanna Trevena

Head of Product & Merchandising

“Our CosyTex™ range has been a firm favourite with our customers for a number of years now. The innovative CosyTex™ membrane technology, combined with the extra roomy comfort means everyone can explore the great outdoors.”

Nick Brown

Designer & Range Builder

“We developed the technology as we found there was a real demand for waterproof outdoor footwear that was roomy and supportive for our customers’ feet, as well as being robust enough to tackle different weathers and terrains. CosyTex™ is a perfect fit.”