Cosyfeet Announces Award Winner

Glasgow Caledonian Podiatry student, Sarah Laverty, has been awarded the Cosyfeet Podiatry Award 2013.

Sarah, who has completed three years of her four year BSc Hons in Podiatry, plans to use the £1000 award for her travel and living expenses when she volunteers in and around the Bogota area of Colombia this summer. She will be working under the guidance of eminent US podiatric surgeon Dr Mike Haughey, providing free treatment to impoverished communities at temporary clinics.

Sarah will help to provide basic podiatric care such as nail debridement, matrixectomies for paronychia, drainage of abscesses and debridement of hyperkeratosis/warts. She will administer local anaesthetic as well as cortisone injections for foot and ankle inflammation, and will perform minor surgical procedures including excision of skin lesions, tenotomies and wound debridements under supervision.

Sarah Laverty - Cosyfeet Podiatry Award 2013 winner

Sarah also hopes to participate in orthopaedic operative procedures conducted by Dr Mike Haughey, which could address conditions such as talipes equinovarus, heel spur and ankle fractures.

“It’s reasonable to expect that many patients will present with complex medical issues due to the level of poverty in Bogota,” says Sarah. “I’m looking forward to helping people as much as I can with the clinical skills I have gained at Glasgow Caledonian. I also hope to broaden my clinical experience through exposure to procedures and methods of treatment I haven’t previously encountered.”

Now in its eighth year, the Cosyfeet Podiatry Award assists podiatrists and podiatry students to develop their professional knowledge and skills while benefitting others. The award is open to those who are planning voluntary work, a work placement or research, whether in the UK or abroad. It is designed to contribute to travel and living expenses.

“We have been so impressed with the standard of entries this year,” says Cosyfeet Managing Director, Andrew Peirce. “We’re delighted to be able to assist Sarah with the valuable work she plans to do in Colombia.”

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