In March, to celebrate World Poetry Day, we ran a competition to write a short poem or rhyme about Cosyfeet. A big thank you to everyone who entered. We have some very creative customers out there! The prize was a High Visions Reading Lamp worth £49.50. Congratulations to Anthony Dell who wrote the winning entry.

The winning poem:

I've got a pair of odd-shaped feet, and so has my dad;
before we discovered Cosyfeet...the prognosis was bad.
Our feet and legs were swollen and ready to drop off,
at first our hero told us and at them we did scoff!
"look at" he said with a wry smile.
and now like the Proclaimers....I can walk one hundred mile!

By Anthony Dell

Here is a selection of some of the other poems that we liked:

Oh Cosyfeet, they are my favourite.
Warm, woolly socks to treasure
Shoes in fabric and in leather.
Wide and comfy, never chafing,
Wear them all day without aching.
They are always ready for some action,
My pace has quickened, my step is light.
With Cosyfeet I’ll dance tonight.

By Joyce Workman

Cosyfeet cannot be beat
with all styles and sizes
and the best of prices

By Beatrice Biggadyke

When Cosyfeet are put to the test
Rest assured they are the best,
Try the products so many to choose
Footwear, socks and hosiery too!

By Mr G H Lidbetter

"My dogs are barking" and my poor "plates of meat”, it’s never a problem with Cosyfeet.

By Brian Knowles

I have a problem with my feet
I didn’t know what to do.
Then a friend said try Cosyfeet
So I am saying this also to you.
Not only shoes but lots of things
That will help you feel better too.

By Carole Payne

There once was a lady like you,
who was looking for a style and flare shoe.
With lots of room to spare,
and a company who care.
To she flew.

By Christine Evans

1. Cosy feet, cosy feet, cover up your plates of meat,
keep your hooves all nice and clean, cleaner than a mountain stream Cosyfeet are the best by far!!!!

2. Cosyfeet their a dream
Do they come in blue and green
Cosyfeet are so good
was they worn by Robin Hood

By Jane Parkhill

1. Whilst wearing my Cosyfeet hose,
My legs are in silent repose,
No more aching,
When baking,
I'm in heaven right down to my toes.

2. Comfort, comfort, comfort,
Not a pinch in sight,
I am reporting,
Daily supporting,
Of Cosyfeet delight.

3. Your knee-highs are such a support,
From my knees to my toes - a new life,
I put them to test,
Cosyfeet are the best,
And now there is just no more strife.

4. Before I found your Cosyfeet,
My legs had a miserable time,
They were swollen and sore,
But now - nevermore,
Your products are simply sublime.

By Jenny Langridge

I like Cosyfeet especially when I eat,
I like extra roomy when I'm feeling gloomy.
But no matter what footwear I wear,
People always seem to stare and glare.
So please let me step it out when I win this wonderful prize.

By Ray Beck

Cosy feet are such a treat
Heaven and comfort for our feet
Sun or rain there's always a pair
Of cosy feet for us to wear

By Sharon Jones

When I'm feeling draughty,
I open up my drawer,
If I can't find my Cosyfeet,
I'll throw myself to the floor.

By Mrs Tania Atfield

At Easter we all like to have a treat
Some like chocolate
Others like sweets
But what I like you cannot eat
It's snuggling up with my Cosyfeet.

By Melanie Walker