You’re never too old to dance!

Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing is a programme of dance classes and events across the UK aimed at targeting older, novice dancers. The project began last year following a study which highlighted the physical and mental benefits of dance amongst older people ranging from their mid-50s to their 100s. Its success has meant that it’s carrying on into 2014.

The classes cover a multitude of dance styles including ballet, tap, ballroom and chair-based dance. The oldest participant so far is 102.

Dame Gillian Lynne, the Royal Academy of Dance’s ambassador for the scheme and renowned ballet dancer and choreographer said: “Whether tackling simple ballet steps, or creating leg and arm dance routines whilst seated, dance can offer something for everyone at whatever level of fitness.”

There are numerous benefits of dancing including improved strength, flexibility, posture and balance. It’s also a fun way to keep fit and a good opportunity to get out and meet other like-minded people.

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Dance your way to good health