Issue 39

Wondering what to do with your odd socks? Why not follow our step by step tutorial and turn them into the cute hedgehogs featured on the cover of our latest sock and hosiery catalogue.

Step-by-step guide:

1. Choose your socks - we recommend three to get a nice variation of colour:

Step 1











2. Cut out the pieces that you need using our hedgehog pattern, click here:

Step 2











3. Start with the ears; cut the shapes out and sew right sides together:

Step 3











4. Turn ears round the right way and sew open ends together to create a 'pinch' effect:

Step 4











5. Stuff nose section with wadding and sew to secure:

Step 5

Step 5











6. Sew triangle sections of head along two sides, right sides together:

Step 6











7. Pin and stitch nose piece (facing inwards) at the 'point' of the triangle section:

Step 7











8. Sew body sections along two sides, right sides together:

Step 8











9. Pin ears in correct place (these will be sewn in place when all sections are joined):

Step 9











10. Arrange two separate sections (head and body) correctly; pin and sew into place:

Step 10










11. Attach base section underneath the pinned head and body – sew everything together, leaving a small opening at the rear. (You should now have an inside-out hedgehog!):

Step 11











12. Turn the hedgehog the right way round and stuff with wadding, then sew up the remaining opening:

Step 12

Step 12












13. Add eyes and make as many as you like!

Step 13

Step 13










We would love to see your hedgehog creations – send your photos to and we’ll share them on the website and social media!