Considering so many of us aren’t a ‘standard size’, it can be extremely difficult to find large size hosiery on the high street. Cosyfeet recognises that we come in all shapes and sizes, so as well as offering footwear that’s roomier than the norm, we also have a selection of hosiery in hard-to–find sizes.

Exclusive to Cosyfeet, we have a range of extra roomy hosiery which offers a generous fit for the fuller figure. It’s also ideal if you have swollen ankles and legs. Unlike most large sized hosiery which is simply longer, ours is made with lots more room in the foot and leg parts so it actually fits!

All our tights go up to an Extra Extra Large which will fit up to 72” (183cm) hips. We also offer an Extra Extra Extra Large size which will fit up to 90” (229 cm) hips. This is available in our Everyday Extra Roomy option in Natural.

For shorter women, who still need a roomier fit, we have Extra Roomy tights in a Petite fitting. This is ideal for ladies with larger or swollen legs who are 5’3” (160 cm) or under in height.Large size hosieryCosyfeet’s extra roomy hosiery is ideal for swollen ankles and legs