"Dear Cosyfeet,

I wanted to tell you just how delighted I am with my new shoes and socks, and the speed of delivery!

I have been struggling for years, to find socks that I could wear. I've spent heaven knows how much on socks that looked as if they would do, only to find them totally useless - plus the fact that they always seem to come in packs of 6 and are unreturnable. (Charity Shops have been doing a roaring trade in my cast-offs!)

Shoes have been equally disastrous - even so-called wider fitting ones which really don't look good and may be wearable for a few months but have to be disposed of as my poor feet swell even more. I've been at my wit's end.

And then I found you! I've bought your Extra Roomy knee high thermal socks, a pair of hold-ups, and best of all a lovely pair of boots (Patty). Not only do they look good, they actually fit and accomodate my very swollen and deformed feet, and are blissfully comfortable. In addition, I can now wear my leg brace, which will help to bring down some of the swelling.

You have a customer for life!

Best wishes,

Mary McCreadie"