Single socks are one of life’s eternal mysteries! Where do all the odd socks go? If it looks like their partners aren’t coming back, why not put your lone socks to good use. A sock puppet is simple to make and is a fun activity to enjoy with your kids or grandchildren.

Cosy Creativity

What you need:

  • A lonely, unpaired sock
  • A needle and thread
  • Craft glue
  • 2 x buttons
  • Some wool


  • Put the sock on your hand so that your fingers are in the toe and your thumb is in the heel
  • Make the puppet ‘talk’ and note where its eyes will be
  • Use the needle and thread to sew on two buttons for eyes
  • Cut the wool to size for the sort of hair-do you want. Gather it up and wind a piece of wool around the middle to keep it all together
  • Glue the hair on using the centre-part to anchor it. When the glue is dry, make it more secure by sewing it to the sock in the same place
  • Express yourself with plaits, long straight hair, pigtails or a ponytail

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