If you have very broad or swollen feet then it doesn’t take a genius to work out that you’re going to need wide fitting shoes. If you opt for footwear with a wider fitting and more depth then it shouldn’t be necessary to buy a larger shoe size.

Shoes specifically designed for swollen feet will have a wide heel seat and increased depth to accommodate swelling. They often have smooth, seam-free linings and adjustable fastenings. The position of the fastening is usually placed so that it doesn’t cut into the front of the swollen ankle area. Shoes that open right out are also very useful if your feet are swollen as it’s easier to get them on and off.

If your feet swell it is important that you choose the right time of day to try footwear on. Early morning is not ideal as your feet may only have moderate swelling while late in the day your feet will be at their most swollen. It is best to try new footwear on sometime around the middle of the day to get the most accurate fit.

Make sure you’re buying the right kind of shoes