When we think of wide shoes for women, most of us imagine something made from leather. However, there are other fabrics available which can offer even more comfort, particularly if your feet are swollen or sensitive.

Elastane, or spandex as it’s otherwise known, is a synthetic fibre that’s renowned for its exceptional elasticity. It’s used in lots of areas of the clothing industry and you may have heard it referred to as Lycra, which is simply a brand name for Elastane.

There are lots of benefits of using Elastane in footwear. It’s very comfortable, it gives lots of freedom of movement but it also retains its shape and doesn’t become overstretched or saggy. As it’s pliable and flexible, it will fit around swelling and bunions and it won’t put pressure on painful, problem toes. It’s also an ideal fabric if your feet tend to swell and change shape during the day.Wide shoes for women