It’s not the width of the sole that determines wide shoes but the girth i.e. the measurement around the foot. That is because wide feet generally have the same sized sole but a larger foot circumference.

One of the mistakes that people make when buying shoes for wide or swollen feet is that they buy a larger size to give them the extra room they need. This is not a good idea as it can result in problems such as rubbing and blisters. It can even be dangerous causing people to trip or fall.

The solution to fitting wide feet comfortably and safely is to buy shoes that have been specially deigned to accommodate wider feet. Shoes come in two measurements – the length and width. The length is usually a number and the width is a letter of the alphabet. If you have very wide or swollen feet we would recommend looking for footwear that is at least a EEEEE width fitting for women and a HH for men.