Cushion Active™ Tango - special featuresCushion Active™ Tango - special features

Offering exceptional underfoot comfort for swollen feet, with excellent shock-absorption and underfoot cushioning

Cushion Active™ Special Features

Our Cushion Active™ Triple Density Underfoot Comfort System is made up of a cushioned footbed and highly shock-absorbing layer, protecting against impact which can be damaging to the joints in the feet and legs. The cushioned footbed and shock-absorbing layer sit in a deep cavity, which reduces weight and increases flexibility, while the lightweight triple density sole moves with your foot for maximum comfort.

Cushion Active™ Triple Density Underfoot Comfort SystemCushion Active™ Triple Density Underfoot Comfort System


Breathable and supportive, this extra wide active style is made on a flexible upper. Featuring a seam-free toe area, it’s ideal for problem or sensitive toes. The fully adjustable touch-fastening strap opens right out, making it easy to get on and off a swollen foot.

Cushion Active™ JiveCushion Active™ Jive


This stylish, shock-absorbing extra wide fit style combines comfort with convenience. The footbed cushions every step so knee and ankle joints are protected, while the contemporary zip fastening makes it easy to get on and off - once the laces are adjusted to your liking, you can slip it on in seconds!

Cushion Active™ TangoCushion Active™ Tango

Joanna Trevena

Head of Product & Merchandising

“Our advanced Cushion Active™ system has allowed us to create an active style which is suitable for everyday wear, but still provides the support and impact protection required if you exercise regularly or are on your feet a lot.”

Nick Brown

Designer & Range Builder

“Featuring exceptional underfoot cushioning, the Cushion Active™ design is one of our more innovative technologies, as it has shock-absorbing ability as well as being able to protect sensitive knee and ankle joints when you’re on the go.”