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What are Cookies?

Cookies are simply ’text files’ that are placed on your computer by the websites you visit. They’re used to make websites work and to provide information to the owners of the site. Cookies are NOT programs and they cannot carry viruses.

How do we use cookies?

If your web browser is set to refuse cookies from our website, you will not be able to complete a purchase or take advantage of certain features of our website, such as storing items in your Shopping Cart or receiving personalized recommendations. As a result, we strongly encourage you to configure your web browser to accept cookies from our website.

We use cookies to enhance your shopping experience. When you visit Cosyfeet.com, we use cookies to place items in your basket, log you into your account and remember your preferences. We also use cookies to monitor user behaviour on our site (we don’t collect information that will personally identify you).

We currently operate an ‘implied consent’ policy which means that we assume you are happy with this policy. If you do not agree, then we ask that you don’t visit this site and that you delete the cookies from having visited the site (information on how to do this can be found in your browser help section).

Enabling Cookies

Internet Explorer 7.x

1) Under the Tools menu, click Internet Options

2) Click the Privacy tab

3) Click the Advanced button

4) Put a check mark in the box for Override Automatic Cookie Handling, put another check mark in the Always accept session cookies box

5) Click OK

6) Click OK

7) Restart Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 8.x

1) Click Tools

2) Click Internet Options

3) Click the Advanced button

4) Put a check mark in the box for Override Automatic Cookie Handling box

5) Select Accept in the First-party cookies column

6) Click OK

7) Click OK

8) Restart Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 9.x +

1) Click Tools

2) Click Internet Options

3) Click the Privacy tab

4) In the Settings section, move the slider to the bottom to allow all cookies

5) Click Ok

Mozilla Firefox

1) Click Tools or the Firefox icon

2) Click Options

3) Click Privacy tab

3) Set Use custom settings for history from the Firefox will dropdown

5) Check the box Accept cookies from sites

5) Click Ok

1) Click the Chrome menu icon

2) Click Settings

3) Click Show advanced settings

4) Click Content settings, which is in the Privacy section

5) Select the Allow local data to be set option

Please search your browser's help documentation (that can usually be opened by pressing the F1 key on your keyboard) for "Enable cookies".