Enjoy relief from back pain and discomfort with our collection of carefully chosen products.

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  1. TOPRO Troja Classic Rollator with Back Support
    TOPRO Troja Classic Rollator with Back Support
    As low as £299.00 £249.17 Are you entitled to VAT relief?
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  2. Healthy Back Bag - Baglett - Textured Nylon
    Healthy Back Bag - Baglett - Textured Nylon
    As low as £29.00
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  3. Rolser Pack Trolley
    Rolser Pack Trolley
    As low as £88.50
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Shoe accessories to support back pain

At Cosyfeet, we understand how debilitating back pain can be. Although there are many different causes, our range of specially selected products can alleviate pain that has developed over long periods of time.

Offering support to prevent both back and heel pain, we offer a range of orthotic specialist insoles with full foot support to help alleviate any back pain symptoms that you may be experiencing. Often painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, and general foot pain can cause problems with your back, so some of our shoes have a shock-absorbing Cushion Active™ system to offer comfort and support.

A comfortable shoe can make all the difference, which is why our wide fitting shoes are designed to properly support your foot. However, helpful accessories and additions to your Cosyfeet footwear can also be used to help ease the symptoms. Whilst orthotic insoles can be a worthwhile addition to your pairs of shoes, investing in a rollator can give you extra support when you need it most.

A rollator can be a really helpful piece of equipment when struggling with back pain, as it provides you with something to lean on when out and about. At Cosyfeet, we offer a selection of lightweight designs with a range of features to help make it easier to manoeuvre, whilst also allowing you to add useful additions such as a cane holder and serving tray.

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