Case Study Experiences


This is the most supportive style in our women’s range.

It works well on both swollen and slightly narrower feet as the deep lace offers adjustment throughout the shoe. It’s deep enough to accommodate splints and orthotics.


The T-bar on this shoe makes it easy to put on as there’s no tongue to struggle with.

It has a false buckle which disguises a touch-fastening strap so you only have to press it down to fasten it. It has a generous fit at the front, with no seams, so it’s good for sore or swollen toes. The sole is suitable for adaptations and modifications.


This shoe was initially designed as a result of customers with lymphoedema requesting a lower cut style. It’s ideal for people who have lots of swelling on the top of the foot and down to the toes.

The soft leather and padded collar are designed not to cut into swollen feet and ankles.

“They’re super! They look lovely on and they’re low down enough not to cut into any swelling.” Betty


Although there are no straps to adjust, the elastic around the top of this shoe holds it securely on the foot and it accommodates a swollen foot comfortably. It’s low cut at the front so it’s particularly good if swelling goes right down to the toes. It’s very easy to put on, especially with a long-handled shoe horn.

“So roomy but they look so dainty! And they’re low cut so they fit my swollen instep.” Betty


This is a very accommodating style.

The leather is very soft and the seam-free toe box is great for sore toes. The footbed is removable to allow for an orthotic.


This classic style is soft and easy to put on.

There is no toe puff so it’s soft right down to the toes and moulds easily to the shape of the foot.

The ‘hidden depth design’ means it’s roomy without looking bulky on the foot.


This boat shoe is very roomy and accommodating. The leather is soft and supple and the shoe doesn’t have a toe puff so it’s ideal for sore or sensitive feet.

The footbed is removable to allow for an orthotic.


This style has a very roomy toe area so it’s ideal for hammer toes, bunions and swelling.

You can’t feel the stitching down the front of the shoe from the inside so it’s fine for feet that are sore or sensitive.

*Please note: some styles/colours shown have been discontinued.