What makes up a Cosyfeet shoe?

Have you ever wondered how many parts make up a Cosyfeet shoe? We’ve deconstructed our Alison style to show you all the hidden details that make up this ultra-comfy shoe.


1: Touch-fastening for straps & 2: straps - used to fasten the shoe and provide adjustment to help accommodate various foot shapes and sizes.

3: Tongue Foam - soft padding in the tongue for extra comfort across the instep.

4: Counter Stiffener - reinforced woven material laminated between the upper and lining which when moulded into shape helps provide a secure fit around the ankle.

5: Vamp - leather upper piece covering the toe area.

6: Thread - Strong nylon or cotton threads used in sewing the shoe pieces together.

7: Vamp Lining - sanitised (toe area) woven and cushioned lining allows your feet to breathe.

8: Quarter Backers - soft woven material combined between the upper and lining to help the shoe maintain its shape

9: Quarter Lining - sanitised (inside and outside of the foot) woven and cushioned lining allows your feet to breathe.

10: Quarter - leather upper pieces used on the inside and outside of the foot.

11: Footbed - cushioned comfort underfoot layer adds shock absorption and stability to the foot and ankle. Removing it will provide extra depth for orthotics if required.

12: Insole - this is the ‘backbone’ of the shoe, to which the upper and sole are glued together.

13: Sole Unit - polyurethane sole, which is lightweight, shock absorbing, flexible and extremely durable.

14: Toe Puff - reinforcement material laminate between the upper and lining at the toe which helps to maintain the toe shape and provide protection for sensitive toes.

15: Collar Foam - Soft padding around the top of the shoe for cushioned comfort around the ankle.