How can our socks and hosiery help your patients?

Do you have patients with poor circulation, arthritis, swelling or diabetes? We have a range of specialist socks and hosiery that can help.

Patients with swollen feet and legs

Most of our socks and hosiery are available in our exclusive extra roomy fitting. Made with more material throughout, they fit swollen feet and legs in comfort and are much easier to get on and off swollen feet.

For patients who have very swollen legs due to conditions such as lymphoedema, we have the Fuller Fitting Sock. This is the roomiest sock in our range. It’s super-soft and stretchy and has a special ribbed construction that holds the sock up securely without causing pressure or restricting circulation. We also have an Ultra Roomy Knee High in our hosiery collection, which again, is exceptionally stretchy and will fit very swollen legs. 

The Fuller Fitting Sock from Cosyfeet

Patients with poor circulation

For patients who are worried about restricting their circulation, we have a range of socks and hosiery with a Softhold top. This is a special ribbed design that holds them up gently but securely without digging in, restricting circulation or leaving nasty marks.

Special ribbed design holds socks up gently but securely

In addition, we have a range of compression socks which can help improve circulation and keep the blood in your legs healthy and oxygenated. They can also help prevent swelling and reduce the risk of DVT, especially on long journeys. For patients looking for hosiery, we have a range of light support hosiery which provides a gentle, graduated massage action that’s clinically proven to improve circulation and reduce leg fatigue. 

Patients with diabetes

It’s important that patients with diabetes wear appropriate socks. Many of our socks have a smooth toe-seam that won’t rub or chafe vulnerable feet. We also have the Comfort Sock which is specially formulated for people with diabetes or vascular disorders. It protects feet against irritation, chaffing or pressure which can cause sores or ulcers. It’s made from the finest combed cotton which keeps feet dry and protects against skin infection. 

Smooth toe-seam won’t rub or chafe vulnerable feet 

Patients with arthritis

The most common symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis in the foot are pain, swelling and stiffness. Many of our socks may be helpful including our extra roomy socks and our seam-free socks. Some people find that wearing compressions socks can also help relieve symptoms.

Compression socks may help relieve symptoms caused by arthritis