Why do your fellow healthcare professionals recommend Cosyfeet?

We asked this question in our July newsletter and lots of you got in touch. Your comments are below….

“They are sufficiently deep to accommodate orthotics, light in weight and most have an adjustable fastening.” Liz Dorey, Podiatrist

“For many they offer a solution that is stylish yet comfortable, a combination which is hard to find on the high street.” Lindsay Sherwood, Podiatrist

“They are the only shoes that fit oedematous feet well, are reasonably priced and look good so the patients are happy too. They’re also lightweight which is great for people who already suffer with heavy feet and legs due to the oedema. The catalogues are easy to read and there’s lots of choice. It’s the one catalogue I can't go without!” Rachel Donegan, Podiatrist

“Cosyfeet are a reliable source. They provide the appropriate support to complete safe mobility within a rehabilitation setting and within home environments whilst being comfortable for the patient as well as having a variety of styles to suit individual preferences.” Katie Hill, Occupational Therapist

“They are the only manufacturer that I know who make shoes to accommodate oedema, patients love your socks as well - lots of materials to choose from, soft and importantly they don't dig in yet stay up!” Alison Gall, Podiatrist

“Comfort and quality.” Sarah Francis, Nurse Practitioner

“They're great quality, very comfortable, stylish and excellent value.” Julia Maxwell, Podiatrist

“They are perfect for people with foot deformity or swollen feet or just very wide feet, due to their extra width and extra depth at the toes. My patients like that they can fit their orthotics into them just by removing the inner sole of the shoe and they also like the varied styles and materials in the Cosyfeet range. Patients are surprised by the very speedy service and delighted with the customer support they receive when they contact Cosyfeet. 10/10 Cosyfeet!!” Vicky Bishop, Podiatrist

“Cosyfeet=happy feet and healthy feet.” Jerry Shortland, Podiatrist

“Cosyfeet are stylish and comfortable footwear and can be worn even when patients have multi-layer bandaging. Adjustable so that as patient's dressings change, the shoes can adapt. They make patients feel able to leave the house feeling smartly dressed, with a sense of pride, enabling them to feel human and not ashamed.” Tracy Humphries, Community Nurse

“I've never come across a brand that offers what Cosyfeet does. They are wide, great depth and soft and comfortable offering a great colour range and varied styles to suit all. The finish on the products are second to none and throughout my 30 years in chiropody practice I have always recommended your products and will continue to do so for hopefully another 30!!! Many thanks Cosyfeet for making sure we put our best foot forward....in comfort and style.” Deborah Bursk, Podiatrist

“A quality, affordable, attractive shoe that women in particular will buy when they have oedematous, arthritic or deformed feet and can no longer delude themselves that they can squeeze into off-the-peg high street footwear. I love the fact samples are sent out and I can show them to my patients...and they can feel the quality. Sometimes it is difficult to get over the idea of depth needed in footwear...but with a sample in my hand ...it is easy. Feedback from my patients suggests customer service is excellent, which is important...especially for the older generation. I also particularly recommend the elastic free socks and hose....male patients in particular are happy to take a catalogue and buy this product.....perhaps your company has even arrested a possible DVT as a result.” Meryl Burbidge, Podiatrist

“Cosyfeet offers access to a wide range of suitable footwear which helps my patients keep mobile and independent. Finding suitable footwear is often a hugely difficult task for patients and their carers. It helps that I can bring them the offer of something suitable and affordable through Cosyfeet.” Alison Whitfield, Foot Health Practitioner

“The shoes are comfortable, light and accommodating for swollen or joint deformed feet. The shoes and hosiery are seamless so less likely to rub exposed areas, especially important in Diabetic feet. The hosiery are easy to get on and off for patients without leaving marks on legs that could cut off circulation. The products sold at the back of the catalogue including, creams, gels, orthotics, sock/ hosiery frames etc. are a brilliant way for Podiatrists to offer and advise foot health gadgets for patients to purchase. I’ve been recommending Cosyfeet to patients since I qualified 17 years ago and have always had great feedback and high customer satisfaction regarding efficiency of staff ,customer service and product quality which speaks volumes!” Jemma Klein-Besser, Podiatrist

“Cosyfeet footwear works so well for many of my patients. Non footwear items are well chosen and useful. However, one of the best reasons I recommend Cosyfeet is the excellent service offered by telephone for those who don't use the internet, and the easy no quibble returns policy. It makes a huge difference to so many to be able to shop easily without stress.” Lorraine Jones, Podiatrist

“They are: Comfortable, Oedema? No problem - they adjust, Supportive for your foot and ankle. You can wash the slippers, Fashionable and affordable, Easy to fasten and put on, every colour possible. The perfect fit!!” Rebecca Edmunds, Podiatrist

“There is a good selection of styles and fittings which appeal to younger patients as well as older.” Fiona Wilson, Volunteer Coordinator

“It is a reputable company. I have been recommending Cosyfeet for a very long time. Products are of a very high standard, and if for any reason the shoes don't fit, or are not suitable, returning / re-ordering is hassle free. Some of my patients comment on the price of the shoes, they feel they are too expensive. I always explain there is nothing more important than good quality shoes that fit. I would also like to say on the occasions I have called your team, they are extremely polite and helpful.” Linda Anne Reed, Rehabilitation Support Worker