Discover what makes our socks so special

Cosyfeet socks are crafted from high-quality yarns, so they are made to last. We guarantee your comfort - once you try our socks, you won't want to wear anything else.

Comfort is at the heart of what we do, that’s why we use a combination of specialised machinery and time-honoured techniques to ensure each Cosyfeet sock not only provides the utmost comfort, but is made to last. With each sock we create, comes a range of innovative features including seam-free joins, Softhold® and Comfort Grip. We believe everyone should find their perfect fit, and supply socks to suit a variety of foot shapes and sizes.




A little detail that goes a long way. Our seam-free socks have been carefully made with a smooth join at the toe, that won’t rub or irritate the skin while being worn. This specialised feature is exceptionally popular with our customers who suffer from diabetes or sensitive feet, and ensures the foot is kept comfortable for all-day wear.

"My wife, who is diabetic, found this product very comfortable and durable."
Feefo review.

Softhold® SocksSofthold® Socks


Ultra comfy, and gentle on sensitive legs, our range of Softhold® socks have been carefully crafted with you in mind. Specially formulated with a unique ribbed design, they stay up securely without cutting in, restricting circulation or leaving nasty marks. The Softhold® top is ideal if you suffer from diabetes or circulatory problems.

"Good quality socks, which aren't too tight around my leg."
Feefo Review

Comfort GripComfort Grip

Comfort Grip

This fantastic technology provides these clever socks with a cuff that keeps them comfortably, yet firmly in place, without exerting pressure, leaving indentations or cutting off circulation. Available in a range of materials to choose from, including wool, which is naturally breathable, and bamboo, a miracle fibre with natural climate control.

“These socks are perfect, I can’t fault them.”
Feefo Review

Extra Extra RoomyExtra Extra Roomy

Extra Extra Roomy

The roomiest socks in our range are super stretchy, and can fit very large, swollen or bandaged feet with ease. Due to popularity, this range is now available in cotton, wool and thermal styles, as well as both calf and knee-high lengths. Perfect for anyone with diabetes, extreme swelling or oedema, or if you have feet that are bandaged.

“The only socks that fit and are easy to put on. Also, wash well and do not shrink."
Feefo Review

Coolmax® Seam-free SocksCoolmax® Seam-free Socks

Coolmax® Seam-free Socks

Using Coolmax® technology to keep feet cool, this range of socks are lightweight and stretchy. The clever fabric improves breathability and actually moves moisture away from the foot, so it evaporates quickly. This helps to prevent odour and reduces the risk of athlete’s foot, sores and blisters, whilst also keeping feet at a comfortable temperature. Ideal for walking, exercise or feet with a tendency to sweat.

“I walked 9 miles in these socks, kept my feet very comfortable.”
Feefo Review

Compression SocksCompression Socks

Compression Socks

Designed to enhance your leg health, our collection of compression socks have been made exclusively for your feet. With two fabulous styles to choose from, we have the perfect option to relieve aching legs. Featuring graduated compression, to help maintain regular blood flow, these socks can help reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Great for revitalising tired legs when you’re on your feet all day.*

“Efficient compression yet very comfortable to wear."
Feefo Review

*Please seek medical advice before using compression socks/stockings if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. Unsuitable if you have previously suffered from blood clots, undergone recent surgery, DVT, cellulitis, arterial disease, circulatory problems or diabetes. If you have swelling, please check with a healthcare professional before wearing. 

Our socks have been expertly designed and manufactured to support your everyday needs. We understand not everyone's feet are the same. That’s why our complete collection focuses on a range of features and foot shapes for you to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find the right sock for you. Discover our full range today, and treat your feet to the comfort they deserve.