Pamper products always go down well at Christmas. Our high-quality creams and lotions are designed to soothe, moisturise and rejuvenate.

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  1. Botanical Foot Soak
    Botanical Foot Soak
    Code: AMBS
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  2. Lavender Gel
    Lavender Gel
    Code: AMLG
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  3. Pure Lavender Oil
    Pure Lavender Oil
    Code: AMLO
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  4. Manuka & Mint Foot Balm
    Manuka & Mint Foot Balm
    Code: MMFB
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  5. Lavender Hand Cream
    Lavender Hand Cream
    Code: AMLC
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  6. Pure Rosemary Oil
    Pure Rosemary Oil
    Code: RMOL
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  7. Lavender Bundle
    Lavender Bundle
    Code: LVBUN
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