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21 December 2016

Arthritis Care Week 19th – 25th May

To coincide with its awareness week, the charity Arthritis Care have published a survey that reveals 70% of people with arthritis endure constant pain.

Coping with the pain of arthritis

To launch its Arthritis Care Week, the charity Arthritis Care announced the results from a survey of 2,008 people which looked at the implications of pain due to all types of arthritis.

Results from this survey show that:

  • 70% of people living with arthritis experience constant pain despite taking relevant medication
  • 23% of people described their pain as ‘just bearable’ and remarked that this occasionally prevents everyday activities
  • 9% described it as ‘often unbearable’ and mentioned that this frequently prevents them carrying out everyday activities

Arthritis Care have published a booklet entitled ‘Coping with Pain’. It contains lots of suggestions and includes specific methods of pain control such as massage, relaxation, hypnosis, counselling, complementary therapies and drugs.

The booklet can be downloaded at

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