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15 December 2016

Bath Half Training Update - Not long to go!

On 3rd March, a team from Cosyfeet is running 13.1 miles to raise money for Canine Partners. With a few weeks to go, we asked them how training is going.

On 3rd March, a team from Cosyfeet is attempting to run 13.1 miles to raise £1,400 for Canine Partners, our chosen charity of the year. With only a few weeks to go, we asked some of the team member s how their training is going and how they’re feeling about running on the day.

Julia Edwards – Marketing Manager

The furthest I have been lately is 8 miles. Most of my runs are shorter 4 milers because I’m trying to fit them in with looking after my son.  I now need to concentrate on getting some more training in but age and achy hips aren’t helping!

Jackie Bemmer - Financial Director

I surprised myself by getting up to a 6 mile run just before Christmas but the longest since is only 5 miles. Race day is terrifying me. I'm going to be slowest in history but I just really want to complete the course.

Chris Rickman - Assistant Graphic Designer & Web Administrator

8miles is the furthest I’ve run. I go out running twice a week and I’m feeling quite confident I’ll make it round but I’m certainly not going to break any land speed records!

Janine Fox - Web Retailing Assistant

I’m up to running 10 miles and I’m probably running about 4 times a week. I’m nervous about the run itself, doing it in front of all those people!

Nick Brine - Operations Director

I’ve run the half marathon distance a few times on and off road. I recently completed the distance in 1hr 55mins which included stopping and waiting for my running partner and chatting to friends I met on route. I aim to run a 1hr 45min in training and expect to do better on the day.