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14 December 2016

The many benefits of lavender...

Lavender is well known for its lovely fragrance but did you know it also has many health benefits?

Lavender is a hard-working herb with many uses! It can relieve anxiety and insomnia, ease muscular aches and pains, enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems. It’s also a powerful antiseptic, an anti-inflammatory and can help minimise fungal growths. It’s perfect for skin care products as it’s non-toxic and can even be applied undiluted to the skin.

Lavender oil is probably the most popular of all essential oil. It can be used in massage, baths, inhalations and compresses.

A few drops in a hot bath will make you feel relaxed and help relieve anxiety. A couple of drops on a pillow at bedtime can help you unwind and have a restful night’s rest. A drop applied to the temples helps relieve tension and provide a feeling of serenity while a few drops on a cotton wool ball placed in a small glass bowl in a room creates a calming effect and deodorise the room.

People who suffer with skin disorders such as eczema, acne, psoriasis, and rosacea can apply lavender oil to the affected area in the form of a toner or as a compress. The lavender will soothe the area and help speed up the healing process. This remedy can also be used to calm sunburn and small cuts or scrapes.

Lavender is also a great ingredient to use for anti-aging, because it stimulates cell regeneration, and is absorbed immediately into the deepest layers of the skin.

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