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15 December 2016

An update from Canine Partners

Canine Partners is our chosen charity for 2013. Kerly is one of the amazing dogs that we support. This is what he and his owner Sheila have been up to over the last couple of months!

Canine Partners is Cosyfeet’s chosen charity for 2013. Their mission is to assist people with physical disabilities enjoy greater independence through the provision of specially trained dogs.

Kerly is one of the amazing dogs that we support through our donations. This is what he and his owner Sheila have been up to over the last couple of months!

“Sheila and I have had a busy few months, out and about doing talks and demonstrations to raise awareness and funds for Canine Partners. Once I have finished helping with the domestic chores at home that Sheila struggles with, I love to see my purple jacket and lead, and know that we are going out to play/work!

We had an enjoyable morning at a primary school near Salisbury. When we arrived the whole playground was a sea of purple, we thought it must be the school uniform, but no, they had all paid to come dressed in purple or with animal costumes or painted faces! Firstly I demonstrated to the whole school, the hall was very crowded with 4 - 11 year olds and they clapped enthusiastically. We spent the rest of the morning with The Swallows Class of 6 - 7 year olds. John and Sheila showed pictures on a screen about how assistance dogs are trained. The children came out to stand by me to answer Sheila's questions on our presentation, then I demonstrated again and afterwards the children came to do a high five with me or give me a cuddle. After school this class held a cake and Charity gifts sale with an excellent result of £240, adopting a Canine Partners puppy with some of this money.

Salisbury School

My audiences are very varied in age! Our next special visit was to accept a £300 cheque for the Charity from a knitting, crocheting and craft club, a group of enthusiastic ladies who meet weekly to share their interests and enjoy the company. They selected us after reading an article about another canine partner, so they were delighted to meet me and see me demonstrate my tasks for Sheila. I got lots of cuddles afterwards, people had even brought dog treats!

Team Kerly was asked to have a stand and do a demonstration at a Fun Dog Show in April. I had my registered dog jacket on, so I was on my best behaviour and focused on Sheila rather than saying hello to all the dogs and people who wanted to speak to me. I helped Sheila judge the three best entries in the Puppy Class, it was very difficult as they ranged in age from 14 weeks to 11 months, but Sheila watched to see how each puppy reacted to me which helped her decision.

Have a nice summer and keep your dog cool in the heat, we don’t like sitting in cars but love swimming in ponds instead!!”

Puppy competition